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Action Against Hunger condemns MSF hospital bombing in Afghanistan


Action Against Hunger condemns MSF hospital bombing in Afghanistan


Twelve employees of Doctors Without Borders, (often referred to by the acronym MSF per its French name Médecins sans Frontières) were killed and more than 40 seriously injured in the shelling of the NGO hospital by US aircraft in the city of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan. The toll could rise in the coming hours. 105 patients and 80 members of the MSF staff were present in the hospital at the time of the bombing.

Action Against Hunger condemns with the utmost firmness the attack against humanitarian NGOs and calls on the relevant authorities to launch an immediate investigation so that full light be shed on the circumstances of this tragedy.

Action Against Hunger calls on all parties to the conflict to respect international humanitarian law and recall their obligation to respect and protect humanitarian and medical personnel, ambulances and health facilities. All must ensure that humanitarian workers are neither threatened nor harmed, and that hospitals and ambulances are not attacked, damaged or used for purposes other than medical ones.

Because the bombing hit the MSF hospital in Kunduz, the only province that has been able to support the seriously injured, the incident has not only killed nine people and left dozens of victims, but also hit humanitarian aid in its most fundamental action, depriving civilians of vital care. Action Against Hunger salutes the MSF teams on site, who continue to work despite the tragic events. Action Against Hunger calls on all nations to make every effort to better protect humanitarian workers, who work in dangerous conditions to save lives.

We express our support to the families of victims.

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