Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is our governing body. Every year, we are accountable to the Board. None of its members receive any kind of remuneration, thus guaranteeing their independence. The Board of Trustees supervises the effectiveness of our actions and validates our budget every year. The Board of Trustees ensures compliance with accountability mechanisms and not only those required by law, but also the ones owed to everyone who places their trust in us.








Economist and Former Chair of the Spanish Banking Association and former Minister of the Economy, Leal was a civil servant at the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and Chair of the Social Council of Alcalá de Henares University. Born in Granada in 1939, he has a degree in Law and Political Science from Madrid’s Complutense University and the University of Geneva. He also has a diploma in Statistics and a PhD in Economics from the University of Paris and was a lecturer at Paris X Nanterre University. He then worked for five years at the OECD and was Chair of the Social Council of Alcalá de Henares University.

Between 1977 and 1980 Leal had several different political positions in the Spanish government’s Economics area. He was Economic Adviser to the Banco de Vizcaya, Advisor to the Chairman of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya and Chairman of the European Banking Federation until 1998.

Leal was Chair of the Spanish Banking Association from 1990 to 2006, combining his position with that of Chair of the Amistad Hispano "Diálogo" Association, Action Against Hunger-Spain and Vice-Chair of the Fernando Abril Martorell Foundation. He is also the Honorary Chair of Saint-Gobain Cristalería, member of the Board of the Prado Museum, member of the Board of the Duques de Soria Foundation, member of the Royal Order of Charles III and Commander of the French Legion of Honour.

At the end of 2005, he travelled to the Southern Caucasus to observe our activities in this region. “Our work is very interesting – we are trying to reunite families in order to help them organise cooperatives or set up some kind of production that will guarantee the stability of their income and safeguard their future,” he told us.








A musician, actor and producer, Emilio Aragón was born in Havana with Spanish nationality and is a versatile communications professional who is part of one of Spain’s best-loved families of performers. He came to Spain when he was 13 years old and at 18, become one of the most popular faces on television when he performed with his father and uncles on one of the Spain’s most memorable shows – El gran circo de TVE (an extremely popular children’s show featuring clowns as performed by the Aragón family).

Aragón has a degree in History from the University of Suffolk and graduated in piano studies from the Conservatorio Superior in Madrid. Founder and Artistic Director of Magistralia Foundation, he is currently the Chairman of Grupo Árbol Producciones, to which the production company Globomedia belongs. He is also Chairman of the La Sexta television channel.

Aragón is highly committed to supporting the most disadvantaged individuals and works with a range of organisations and foundations for this purpose. As well as being Vice Chair of Action Against Hunger-Spain, he is a member of Board of Trustees of the Dales la Palabra Foundation and the Advisory Committee of Intermón Oxfam, Chair of Árbol Foundation and Founder and Chair of the Particella, Magistralia and Stanza foundations. He is also Honorary Chair of the Drogas No Association. As member of our Board of Trustees, he has travelled to Guatemala and Mali in order to find out more about our organisation’s work and disseminate our message by filming the documentaries Mil colores y una esperanza and Malí, el corazón del Sahel.








Luis Escauriaza Ibañez has worked in both the public and financial sectors.

Civil servant and member of the Higher Corps of Spain’s Civil Administration, Escauriaza has worked as Director of the Office of the Ministry of the Economy and Director General for Small and Medium Businesses at the Ministry of Industry and Energy.

He worked as Chairman of the Banco de Crédito Industrial, Chairman of the Banco Exterior Internacional and the Banco de Negocios Argentaria. He also led the Banco de Crédito Local, a subsidiary of BBVA, as CEO.

He has also been a member of different Boards of Directors, Director General of the Fernando Abril Martorell Foundation and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Information Society Club. He is currently an independent board member for several small-cap companies.



Law graduate, with more than twenty years of professional experience in the practice of law and as a legal advisor and secretary of commercial companies. Dynamic, analytical, proactive, empathetic, good communicator, responsible, able to adapt to different environments. She is a founding partner of the firm Castellón Abogados SL (1995, Madrid) where she heads the Corporate Law Department.

She is also a founding partner, director, secretary of the Board of Directors and member of the Executive Committee of Cross Road Biotech SA SCR (2001, Madrid) and member of the Compliance Committee of Cross Road Biotech Inversiones Biotecnológicas, SGEIC, SA, (Madrid, 2015), where she coordinates the activities of good governance and corporate social responsibility. She is responsible for the Investor and Institutional Relations Department. She has led the development and implementation of the Internal Regulations of the venture capital funds managed by this fund manager, as well as the managed by this fund manager, as well as the development of the procedures for the prevention of criminal liability of legal persons.








A Spanish writer born on 13 August 1953 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Her literary career began writing books for children and young people. She also wrote screenplays for film and TV, as well as novels. In 1984, she won the Spanish literary award for the Best-edited Book for El parque de papel. In 1991, Posadas published the novel ¡Quién te ha visto y quién te ve! and was awarded the 1998 Premio Planeta prize for Little Indiscretions. Her other work includes Yuppies, jet set, la movida y otras especies (1987), Mi hermano Salvador y otras mentiras (1990), El mercader de sueños y otros relatos (1990), The Last Resort (1996), Un veneno llamado amor (1999), Dorilda y Pancho (2003), Elemental, querido Freud (2005), Mujeres en ruta (2005) and La cinta roja (2008). She also wrote the children’s story Donde duermen las estrellas in 2006 to help raise funds for Action Against Hunger.








Ruiz Paredes has a Law degree from Madrid’s Complutense University and a Master’s degree in Legal Advice for Businesses from the Instituto de Empresa. We often work in conflict zones so it is of considerable help to have access to someone like Francisco Javier Ruiz de Paredes, who is qualified as a Recommended Lawyer in the field of Conflict Resolution in the Global Counsel Dispute Resolution Handbook 2003-2004 and 2004-2005, former head of the Fundación Profesor Uría.








The economist in charge of the first Economic Report on Spain commissioned by the EU Economic and Social Committee in 1987, Crisanto Plaza was Chair of the Friends of the Information Society Club (1988-2007), which is a meeting and discussion group dealing with issues related to telecommunications and IT. He worked at the Spanish Ministry of the Economy (1977-1980) as Deputy Director General of Price and Revenue and Director General of Economic Policy and at Telefónica Spain (1983-1998) as Director and Deputy Managing Director. He was a member of the Board of the CMT (Spanish Telecommunications Market Commission) from 2003 to 2008 at the Spanish Telecommunications Regulatory Agency and is a member of GAPTEL (Telecommunications Sector Analysis and Forecasting Group) and the Telecommunications Watch Group for the Spanish financial daily Expansión.

Plaza has been a member of several Boards of Directors and his involvement in telecommunications is very helpful in terms of his vision regarding developing and implementing new technologies in the organisation. He joined us because “in a world of major economic and social differences, we need a show of solidarity that mitigates these major disparities by helping people emerge from challenging situations to carry on with their lives.”









Salvador Bangueses, originally from Orense in north-west Spain, is an economist and teacher and has worked in both the private sector and in state-funded education.

He was a member of the secretariat of the CC.OO. trade union’s Teaching Federation from 1984 to 1991. He was later elected Confederate Secretary of Finance at the 5th Confederate Congress, a position he maintained until 1996.

He has chaired FIES, the foundation of CC.OO.’s Teaching Federation, and the University Council of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

He is a member of the Social Council of the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares and has been a member of the Executive Commission of CC.OO.’s Teaching Federation since 1981, as well as a member of the Confederate Executive Commission between 1987 and 1991. Since the 7th Confederate Congress in 2000, he has been part of José María Fidalgo’s team.

He has been in charge of the Secretariats for Studies and Programmes and Institutional Politics since 2002.




President of Arthur D. Little Spain and founder of Cre100do, he has more than 30 years of professional experience in IT and Telecom in multinational companies with global and regional functions (senior vice president of corporate development of Alcatel-Lucent, president and CEO of Mobiles Europe at Lucent Technologies, Director of Industry and Services of Thales). Co-founder of technology startups (Empays Payment Systems in India) has participated in the development of technology companies in Europe and the USA. Member of the Board of Directors, Advisory Boards and Boards of Trustees of public and private companies, CVs, think tanks and Foundations in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and India.





PhD in Physics and University Professor, since 1997, in the Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Complutense University of Madrid.

She is Vice-Rector for Academic Policy and Faculty. Previously, she was Director of the Institutional Intelligence Centre (2015-2018), Vice-Rector for Computing and Communications (2007-2011), Vice-President of the Senate (2002-2006) and Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science (1998-2006). He has also been President of the Conference of Deans and Directors of Informatics (CODDI). 

He has taught on subjects related to Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering, participating in and directing competitive, national and European research projects, as well as doctoral theses on these subjects.


Pilar is Managing Partner and Chief Client Officer at AltamarCAM Partners since 2019. She works on the internationalization of AltamarCAM's investor base, the development of customized solutions for clients and the launch of new products and initiatives, while reinforcing the strategy of marketing and branding of the firm.
Before joining AltamarCAM, Pilar worked 13 years at Blackstone, where he was most recently Senior Managing Director. He was responsible for the non-North American business (Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific) of the Private Wealth Management and Retail area. He built the team, the businesses and the relationships from the ground up. He previously also led the institutional investors business in Europe and was COO for Blackstone's European Private Equity team.
Before that, Pilar worked at the Boston Consulting Group in London, JP Morgan in London and New York, and the Financial Times.
He received an MBA from INSEAD and is a graduate of University College London (B.Sc. in Economics) and the University of Siegen (Germany).