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Building capacities of social workers and caregivers in Syunik.


Action Against Hunger Child Protection Consultant, Ararat Alikhanyan, and participants of the ‘Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies’ training. 

Armenia, April 2022.

In April the Action Against Hunger team working on the project “Ensuring Access to Essential Protection Services for Displaced People from Nagorno-Karabakh in Armenia”, funded by ECHO, conducted multiple field visits across Syunik province to provide technical assistance to the project partners Mission Armenia and Partnership & Teaching NGOs, who are running Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) to support displaced and vulnerable families.

Ararat Alikhanyan, Action Against Hunger Child Protection Consultant, conducting ‘Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies’ training for project partners.

The purpose of these visits was to conduct ‘Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies’ training for project partners, as well as ‘Parenting Without Violence’ sessions for the beneficiaries residing in Syunik province. These trainings were delivered by Maria Poghosyan, Programme Manager, and Ararat Alikhanyan, Child Protection Consultant.  The trainings were held in Kapan, Goris, Tegh, Shinuhayr and Kornidzor CFSs. In total, 28 specialists (27 women and 1 man) attended the ‘Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies’ trainings.

Participants during the ‘Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies’ training.

The team was also able to meet with caregivers and their children that take part in the CFS activities. They were happy to have the opportunity to talk and were inspired by their positive energy and the insights they shared on the future. The caregivers informed the team about the positive difference they saw in their children and stressed the importance of the informal education provided. The team left the centres reassured that despite the huge challenges that these families are facing, they have the strength and energy to create a better life for their children.

Maria Poghosyan, Action Against Hunger Programme Manager, and beneficiaries of the CFS in Syunik province.

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