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ENPARD II: Community-led Local Development


ENPARD II: Community-led Local Development


The video illustrates the impact of the Community-led Local Development (CLLD) component of the ENPARD II programme that supported community initiatives in Tkvarcheli District, Abkhazia. This EU-funded programme was implemented by Action Against Hunger with the support of the local NGO ‘Alert’ and REDR (the Spanish Network for Rural Development) over a 32-month period and recently concluded in April 2019. Using the LEADER methodology for CLLD, the project team trained local residents from the private and public sectors and facilitated the formation of a Local Action Group (LAG). This LAG was the key decision-making body within the project and with the support of Action Against Hunger and REDR was capacitated to develop a Local Development Strategy and to hold a grant competition to support projects that will help realise this strategy. The LAG subsequently selected 42 projects proposed by members of the local community that brought social and economic benefit to the district. In this video, some of the beneficiaries share their experiences of taking part in the programme and explain the impact of projects that were supported.

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