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Governor of Qalyubia opens the water well site in Khosos


Governor of Qalyubia opens the water well site in Khosos


Health Match for Khosos

The governor of Qalyubia together with representatives from the EU Delegation in Cairo, the German Government/GIZ Participatory Development Programme (PDP) and the Water and Waste Water Holding Company of Qalyubia and Khosos opened on 4th December 2018 the water well site in Khosos with an accompanying treatment station, part of the ‘Health Match for Khosos’ project. The project has been implemented by Action Against Hunger Egypt in partnership with the Arabic Office for Youth and Environment (AOYE) and Al Rahma, co-funded by the European Union and the German Government in cooperation with the Participatory Development Program in Urban Areas (PDP).

Governor Dr. Alaa Abdelhalim, Mrs. Abeer Alsaheb from GIZ PDP, Mr. Jean-Marie Moureau from the EU Delegation in Cairo, and Water and Waste Water Holding Company representatives Eng. Mustafa Mujahed and Eng. Mohamed Ali expressed their congratulations for the completion of the works and the achievement of the main result: to serve the deprived population of Khosos with the supply of increased quality and quantity of drinking water in their households. The population of Khosos in Ezbet Allam has now a new well with 200 meters deep and a treatment station which has the capacity of 2.500 cubic liters of water per day, according to the WHO standards.

The Health Match for Khosos project ensured that 20,000 residents of Khosos (Ezbet Allam), Qalyubia have access to clean drinking water, through a water well and a treatment station. It is mainly focusing on Ezbet Allam, an informal settlement that is densely populated, underserved with inadequate public and private services and poor housing structures. 

Action Against Hunger in Egypt highlighted that the project is not only responding to the need of increased water quantity and quality for the population of Khosos, but also contributing to the development of Qalyubia governorate by bringing together the civil society, the government and the private sector working towards the same objective.ç


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