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Aziza from Esna in #Egypt is one of the revolutionaries in her community: after being abandoned with her three #children, she fought hard for years to make ends meet, get educated and enter the labour market as an equal. After acquiring her bachelor’s degree, Aziza founded an association that aims to improve environmental conditions in her village. She was recently appointed to be the head of the local council. With help of GRASP Egypt grant scheme implemented by Action Against Hunger and RAED and funded by the European Union, Aziza was able to arrange for waste disposal in her village and continues to foster the #culture among her constituents to keep irrigation and #water channels free of waste!


Hajj Baghdadi 57, founded the association El Ber and Rahma in the Biadea village in #Luxor in order to address the income instability in his village, especially among youth. When El Ber and Rahma became a part of the GRASP #Egypt grant scheme implemented by Action Against Hunger and RAED and funded by the European Union, he rounded up 30 youth and established two beekeeping sites. The GRASP Egypt جراسب مصر funding not only helped him buy the beehives, but also included training about how to keep bees, and capacity building on how to run a small #business. “We managed to produce 700 kg of honey and benefit the youth with income generation and knowledge, as they were particularly interested to continue with beekeeping, and now they have their own beehives. From the production of the honey we will upkeep the two sites to engage more #youth once the spring comes”.

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