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Needs of doctors and mothers, essential to face the challenges of the primary health care



Action Against Hunger, in collaboration with AOYE and Al Rahma, puts in common the main views of health staff and local population in Al-Khosoos for better understanding in depth the needs and challenges of the primary health care.

El-Khosoos primary health care clinic serves hundreds of people every day in the unplanned underprivileged urban area of Khosoos. It offers multiples medical services ranging from family planning to vaccination, child health, and emergency examination.

To better understand in depth the needs of the primary health care clinic, of both health staff and the local population who are seeking the PHC for treatment and other services, 17 youth volunteers, doctors, nurses and 500 patients exchanged their main views. It was a very good opportunity for everyone to be listened to and explain all the challenges they face. The same reaction was present from the local population in Khosoos, who again felt that they can give a feedback and suggestions on how the service offered can be enhanced and empowered.

“All this feedback will feed into the improvement of the medical services and the donation of medical equipment, which altogether will improve the environment of the PHC and notoriously the quality of the primary health care services”, says Ihab, Community Officer of AOYE and partner of Action against Hunger in Egypt. “Once again it is a proved success when the voice of the community is heard, youth actively participates, and women and children have now a smile in their faces”.


Health Match for Khoosos is funded by the EU and the German Cooperation. 


For more information, please contact: Fatema Keshta| Project Manager| fkeshta@ey.acfspain.org      

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