Occupied Palestinian Territory

Our work in Occupied Palestinian Territory

Food Security and livelihood

- Support to the livestock sector through the establishment of demonstration farms and
social enterprises, rehabilitation of agricultural roads, provision of veterinary services.
- Women economic empowerment in both Gaza and West Bank, increasing access to income opportunities and greater involvement on decision making processes at community
level through women cooperatives and the establishment of small businesses.


- Provision of adequate shelter solutions to vulnerable communities displaced or at risk of forcible transfer.

-Delivery and installation of tents and prefabricated insulated shelters, winterization kits and cover sheets, as well as kitchen kits and solar panels.

Water, sanitation and hygiene

ACF in Occupied Palestinian Territory has built its WASH programming with the objectives of increasing water quantity and quality, reducing environmental pollutions, improving livelihoods conditions, and reducing diarrhoea and water born diseases.
The main areas of interventions to contribute and achieve those objectives are:
-Construction or rehabilitation of water filling points, reservoirs and natural springs, transmission pipelines and water networks.

-Construction of innovative rain water harvesting ponds and municipal storm water drainage systems with infiltration to the aquifers.

- Water trucking and roof tank distribution during peaks of emergency or periods of water scarcity.
- Improving sanitation conditions and hygiene at municipal, community and household levels, through the construction of latrines and septic tanks; building sewer/ waste water networks at municipality levels and piloting grey water and black water treatment for reuse at the household level.
-Public awareness on water quality, safe water management and promotion of hygiene practices at community and school levels.
- Building capacities and supporting key local stakeholders to manage water resources. Support of the Palestinian Water Authority (both Gaza and West Bank) and the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility (Gaza).