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Providing access to water in C Mindanao



A group of international humanitarian organizations has provided drinking water through the construction of five water systems to two of the cities with fewer resources in Central Mindanao.


"We have also provided 200 communal latrines in the towns of President Roxas and Arakan in North Cotabato and Cotabato City in Maguindanao in Central Mindanao (Region 12)," said Javad Amoozegar, country director of Action Against Hunger in the Philippines. "Thanks to funding Assistance Program in New Zealand, we rehabilitated springs and existing deposits to benefit more than 2,000 students in schools and more than 500 families or 4,000 people from these areas."

Family Lacarios Juliet, 33, in Barangay Kinawayan in Arakan, was one of the beneficiaries. Lacarios said he used to carry water containers for daily household chores. But when the water system was rehabilitated village and a dam was built, it is no longer necessary to go that far. "Having a water source near our house makes our life easier."

In addition, a team of Barangay Water Association (BAWASA) Barangay Kinawayan, is collecting monthly contributions of members to ensure that the money is ready to cover repairs and maintenance of the water system.
Geraldine Olaus, BAWASA collector says they learned the hardest lesson and still lose some of the water supply, since they must still learn to manage it more effectively.

Water axis of all aspects of development
The water has a direct impact on the economic, health, nutrition and gender. Access to drinking water promotes economic growth, improved education and development of children. In addition, water projects can help ensure that one of the causes of malnutrition can be avoided in the poorest areas.

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