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Qalyubia's governor with representatives from the EU and the German Cooperation/GIZ visited ‘Health Match for Khosos’



The project is implemented by Action Against Hunger in partnership with AOYE and Al Rahma, co-funded by the European Union and the German Cooperation.

The Health Match for Khosos project ensures that 54,000 residents of Khosos (Ezbet Allam), Qalyubuia have access to clean drinking water through digging a water well and installing a treatment station. It is mainly focusing on Ezbet Allam, an informal settlement that is densely populated, underserved with inadequate public and private services and poor housing structures. 

Governor Mahmoud Ashmawy, Mr Ulrich from GIZ PDP and Mr Jean-Marie Moureau from the EU expressed their appreciation for the current work being done by Action Against Hunger to serve the deprived population of Khosos and encouraged the team to keep up the good work.


To implement this project, from Action Against Hunger we had to carry out a detailed examination of the soil and water, well logging, installation of casing, screen, sand traps and gravel packs; all following the design of a specialised consultant. Additional water samples were then taken to produce a description of the water characterisations to enable the design of a proper treatment station which will produce water according to the World Health Organization standards, and pump it into the public water network.

“The De-centralized drinking water station using non-conventional resources is the optimum solutions for informal and rural areas in Egypt especially since they are deprived from diversified water facilities. Action Against Hunger in Egypt was able to match the Holding Company for water and wastewater strategy and hence managed to convince all the stakeholders with the benefits of the project”, highlighted by Hadeel Hosney our WASH officer, sanitation and hygiene of Action against Hunger in Egypt.

“The project is not only responding to the need of increased water quantity and quality for the population of Khosos, but also contributing to the development of Qalyubeya governorate by bringing together the civil society, the government and the private sector working towards the same objective”, emphasizes Lucía Oliveira, Action Against Hunger Country Director in Egypt.

Action against Hunger has been working in Egypt since 2016, carrying out projects of health, nutrition and food security in Cairo and Luxor for the Egyptian people.


Health Match for Khoosos is funded by the EU and the German Cooperation. 

For more information, please contact: Fatema Keshta | Project Manager | fkeshta@ey.acfspain.org     


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