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A Seed of Goodness - Nader Abu Anza’s Story

A Syrian man working at his greenhouse

Nader, in the greenhouse that Action Against Hunger helped him open in Gaza Strip. 

“I applied for the AAH announcement for the ‘LIFE Palestine’ business development programme. After I passed the technical criteria outlined by the organisation, I was selected as a beneficiary and received the required technical, marketing, and financial training I needed to open my business. 

My business started by reclaiming a 500 square meter greenhouse, which I own, but was not suitable for agricultural use. It was being used by my neighborhood as a landfill. This was the first and biggest challenge to overcome, but that turned into a positive change for the project. The land was transformed from an environmentally polluting area to an environmentally friendly one. 

I faced many challenges during land reclamation including connecting my land to a water source. After several attempts, I managed to overcome these challenges and now have a permanent source of livelihood, growing a variety of seasonal vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. 

Since I started my business, my life has begun to change. My personal lifestyle began to change.

a man working in a greenhouse

I started to feel independent when I became an economically self-sufficient person. I shared my experiences with my neighbors, and they were inspired to also reclaim their lands as I did. We now have seven water lines extending from my land to the neighboring lands. This has had a great environmental impact in the area, converting waste lands to productive, income generating lands. As for my family, a major transformation has occurred. We are now able to purchase a variety of food. I was also able to buy home furniture that I didn't have before, using the revenue from my land. My stress levels reduced, and I became more resilient to problems. Today, through my own business, I have become a business owner rather than a laborer. I have been able to employ twenty workers in the greenhouse including my family members. This is why I named my business ‘Seed of Goodness’.”


This project was made possible with thanks to the generous support of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

logo de la Aecid y del Consulado General de España en Jerusalén

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