Actúa en emergencias

Take action during emergencies

In the event of a major natural disaster, a massive displacement of people or an acute food crisis, a quick emergency response can make the difference between life and death. Mobilising quickly to guarantee water, food and shelter is crucial for thousands of people. With your help, we can do it.

At Action Against Hunger we have a team of emergency staff and a logistics force that can mobilise in just a few hours and guarantee that help swiftly reaches those who need it most.

If you would like to collaborate with us during emergency situations, you can do so in several different ways:

By making a donation: a full course of treatment against malnutrition costs €40, a water tank costs €60 and a litre of oil, €0.30. Any help, no matter how small, helps save lives. Make a donation right now

Become a member: regular contributions from you can, among other things, mean we have an emergency fund that will allow us to mobilise our teams right at the beginning of an emergency. Become a me

Take action during emergencies

mber and join the generation that can bring an end to hunger.

Through the “Emergency Companies Pool”: your company can make a decisive contribution to our emergency fund. Your clients and employees will appreciate this commitment. Click on the link for further information about the Emergency Pool and other Corporate Social Responsibility actions.

Help us share the story: tell your friends, family, neighbours, on social networks, over coffee… The more people know about the emergency, the greater the ability to mobilise and help more people quicker. Follow us on twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram and share our message.

In 2014, we took emergency aid to 837,000 people in places like the Philippines, South Sudan and Syria. This is possible thanks to the generosity and solidarity of people like you.