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Corporate partnerships

Action Against Hunger and the private sector are partners in developing and improving the quality of life of vulnerable populations in more than 40 countries, including Spain, working together on innovative projects with all stakeholders.

  • Actions with employees

    We help employees take part in corporate volunteering projects and charity campaigns through which they can share their resources and skills.

  • Campaigns with clients

    We work together to develop campaigns and projects that help you channel your clients’ solidarity and active participation in social causes.

  • Project development

    We work together on Development and Emergency Programmes in order to optimise our material, technical and human resources and maximise the impact of our projects.

Advantages of becoming a partner

  • R&D

    Innovation applied to Development and Humanitarian Aid projects and social and occupational inclusion programmes in Spain

  • Growth

    Reduction of business risk + new business opportunities

  • Financial benefits

    Increase in the efficiency of production processes + cost savings

  • Social responsibility

    Reinforcing relations with local communities + strengthening the economic and social fabric

  • Human Resources

    Improved motivation and productivity at work + attracting and retaining talent - loyalty

  • Suppliers

    Improved relations and contract conditions with suppliers

  • Clients

    Better quality products and services + loyalty

  • Competitive advantages

    Stand out from the competition + greater capacity to adapt to change

  • Corporate reputation

    Improved institutional image both nationally and internationally

  • Tax benefits

    Donations from legal persons over a minimum 3-year (consecutive) period can claim Corporate Tax relief of 40%. Get your company involved

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Strategic partners that endorse our transparency

  • José Luis Leal, Chair of Action Against

    At Action Against Hunger, we are actively searching for lasting partnerships with companies that are mindful of their social responsibility. We believe that, in addition to traditional formulas, we must strive to find innovative models that will allow us, on the one hand, to find the solutions that best adapt to the needs and desires of companies and, on the other, that will effectively respond to our global objective of eradicating hunger worldwide. We know, as we have always known, that together, we can beat hunger.

    José Luis Leal, Chair of Action Against Hunger – Spain

  • Juana Gálvez, Director, Volunteering and

    We have an excellent long-term relationship built thanks to your skills, knowledge, closeness, creativity and very good ideas. This is what makes us able to design and reinvent our way of working with you on a daily basis and join your projects, allowing Accenture and all professionals to do their bit for your great cause.

    Juana Gálvez, Director, Volunteering and Donations Programmes, Fundación Accenture

  • Carlos Sarmiento and Araceli Lozano, vol

    Our technical ability joined by our extensive knowledge of the issue, the management capacity and work that Action Against Hunger is carrying out to improve food security in Guinea, means the goals set by both organisations will be reached. This is a clear example of the potential of partnerships between companies and NGOs, in this case through corporate volunteering.

    Carlos Sarmiento and Araceli Lozano, volunteers from Canal Voluntarios

  • Javier Ruiz Alarcon, Ferrovial volunteer

    All my expectations were met in terms of what this meant as a personal experience. It is very gratifying to feel that you can help projects like the ones carried out through ‘Infraestructuras Solidarias’.

    Javier Ruiz Alarcon, Ferrovial volunteer

  • Patricia Pascual, CSR Dept., EDENRED

    EDENRED is proud to be one of Action Against Hunger’s natural partners in achieving a world without hunger. EDENRED’s commitment is to provide ACF with all the funds raised from the Ticket Restaurant® luncheon vouchers and cards donated by private individuals and company employees, turning this show of solidarity into treatment against acute malnutrition in boys and girls under 5 in the countries where the NGO is active.

    Patricia Pascual, CSR Dept., EDENRED

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