Get moving and take part

Get moving and take part

Your critical conscience and commitment are essential.

We are convinced that change is possible, so fight hunger with all your might and resources:

Look, listen: find out more, be critical and look for sources that will support and confirm what you are hearing about hunger and malnutrition. Follow us via our website and social networks, keep up-to-date with our campaigns.

Disseminate: share what you know, talk to people, debate with others, get others to join the fight for change…because together, we are unstoppable.

Act in your local area: use your power as a citizen, a voter, a saver and a consumer. Even the smallest of everyday actions can become a major commitment and everything counts in the fight against hunger.


Join our ongoing campaigns!

No Hunger Generation: let’s get creative as we fight hunger, because we want to be the generation that brings an end to hunger. Sign the manifesto, share your creations against hunger and enjoy other people’s work. Together, we can replace the map of hunger with a more creative map!


El Juego del Escondite: a film project by Action Against Hunger and Goya Award winner David Muñoz to heighten the visibility of Syrian refugees’ reality.