Terms and Conditions of Use

These Terms and Conditions of Use regulate the use of this online form available on the Action Against Hunger website. This form is one of the channels that Action Against Hunger Complaints and Suggestions System has made available for those who wish to send any type of complaint, suggestion and/or question to our Organization. If you use this system, you consent to the international transfer of your data.

Action Against Hunger facilitates the sending of feedback through three types of form: standard, confidential, and anonymous. Each of the forms is subject to a set of specific rules and conditions, which are detailed below, and which are also included in each of these forms.

When sending a standard feedback form, the user must provide his/her name and accepts that Action Against Hunger may disclose his/her name and other information provided by the user, if necessary, to ensure proper management of his/her feedback.

When sending a confidential feedback, the user's communication will be classified as confidential. The user will provide his/her name to Action Against Hunger, but our Organization will not disclose the name of the user who sends the feedback. This form is appropriate for complainants who fear reprisals from wrongdoers for contacting Action Against Hunger.

When sending an anonymous feedback, the user will remain anonymous, which means that Action Against Hunger will not know the user's personal data. If the user chooses this option, Action Against Hunger will not be able to contact the user. Moreover, the user understands that Action Against Hunger may not have enough information to manage the complaint and the user will not be able to find out if a case has been opened.