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A Touch of Hope


Sheep breeding thanks to Action Against Hunger support. 

“After I completed my bachelor’s degree, I was unemployed. My psychological, economic, and even social conditions were very poor. Things changed when I saw Action Against Hunger’s ‘LIFE Palestine’ programme announcement, and sent in my application.  I went through many interviews and verifications by the AAH team and eventually was selected to benefit from the programme. Action Against Hunger provided me with the necessary technical training, and I got a funding grant to start an income-generating activity as a sheep breeder.  

Since then, I have founded my own business. I made a new start in my life; I began to feel economically independent and my psychological and social conditions improved. Moreover, my nervous and psychological tension decreased. Although I faced many obstacles while creating and running the business, there is no success without pain. And I didn't lose hope, I was patient, and I have stayed that way. I have also expanded my business to include more poultry.  

With the support from Action Against Hunger’s business programme, positive changes have occurred in my life and the life of my family as well. My lifestyle has improved. My family's nutrition has improved because I can provide them with a variety of food.  

corderitos mamando

The business improved my social condition by helping me realize my value and importance within my community. I have become an active person in the neighborhood and join and promote social events. I also became a pioneer and experienced professional in the field of sheep breeding, where traders come to my farm to consult with me about the business, the quality of inputs, and for veterinary advice. 

A better lifestyle, a normal psychological and social participation, a good financial situation, this is the result of my business, ‘Touch of Hope’.” 


This project was made possible with thanks to the generous support of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

logo de la Aecid y del Consulado general de España en Jerusalén

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