Formación y relaciones académicas

Training and Academic Relations

Staff members at Action Against Hunger undergo continuous training. This way, we attempt to stay abreast of research and development in all issues relating to the fight against hunger and humanitarian action and we share this knowledge with the outside world, in partnership with universities and research centres, contributing to creating a solid incubator of professionals and development workers.

Would you like to train with us?

You have three options: 

Internship programme

If you are currently studying for a degree or postgraduate degree that is in line with our work, we can offer you the option of joining an international and dynamic team for a six-month period, through which you will get closer to the world of professional development. Something to consider - 50% of our internship students find a job in the field within six months. Find out more here about vacancies and conditions.

Executive Management of Non-profit Organisations

A leading distance learning programme from Action Against Hunger and UNED (Spanish distance-learning university) for professionalising the management of organisations, providing employees and volunteers with a higher level of qualification and training that will increase effectiveness and efficiency in providing general services. This is a modular programme with a range of qualifications depending on the number of credits completed (between 20 and 65). 

Postgraduate degree specialising in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in International Development

This postgraduate degree organised by Action Against Hunger and the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares is aimed at professionals and volunteers who undertake humanitarian work in non-governmental organisations in fields that do not specialise in water, sanitation and hygiene and who would like to complete their training in this field.