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Urgent Humanitarian Needs in Syria and Region have Doubled


Urgent Humanitarian Needs in Syria and Region have Doubled


Yet Global Response Remains Critically Underfunded, warns Action Against Hunger at Conference of World Leaders

Ahead of the “Supporting Syria and the Region Conference” that will take place in London on February 4, Action Against Hunger is calling on world leaders to fill the dramatic gap between immediate humanitarian needs and available funding.

After five years of conflict, the disconnect between unmet humanitarian needs and the required funding available to address those needs for the Syrian crisis is widening, preventing humanitarian actors from reaching affected populations. The funding gap for the Syrian Humanitarian Response Plan and the Regional Resilience Response Plan has now increased to 44 per cent: three years ago, it was 30 percent.  

“We are concerned that this conference will mainly focus attention on medium- and long-term solutions for Syria, when in fact right now there are 13.5 million people in the region who are not able to meet their basic survival needs for clean water, food, sanitation and shelter,” says Manuel Sanchez Montero, Director of Advocacy at Action Against Hunger. “While governments negotiate a solution to the conflict, it is literally a matter of life and death that we place equal priority on rapidly dispersing funds to ensure that the immediate humanitarian needs of the population of Syria—and the region—are met.”

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