Vives Project

Vives Project

Vives Project is an initiative that covers a wide range of actions aimed at encouraging and supporting inclusive entrepreneurship, aimed at people at risk of social and occupational exclusion who are interested in carrying out a micro-enterprise-based activity and all public, private, non-profit organisations that work within the so-called “Entrepreneurship Ecosystem”.

Vives Project is our intervention strategy in the field of employability in Spain.

VIVES PROJECT’s mission is to create opportunities for accessing the world of work THROUGH ENTREPRENEURSHIP for people who do not have jobs and who are at risk of exclusion.

VIVES PROJECT’s vision is to ensure people who belong to groups that must deal with certain difficulties have the same opportunities to access employment or self-employment as those who do not.

The VIVES PROJECT’S THEORY OF CHANGE is that the development of entrepreneurial skills directly leads to an improvement in people’s employability and creates opportunities for successfully setting up one’s own business.