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What is happening in Action Against Hunger, South Caucasus, in July


The previous 5-day


Building agricultural capacities in Abkhazia

Previous workshop for farmers

In Abkhazia, with support from UNHCR, Action Against Hunger will start a series of training workshops as part of its livelihoods support to vulnerable families. Training will be provided through the Agricultural Training Centres in Gali and Tkvarcheli for 68 farmers that will include, among other topics, sessions on organic farming and the use of natural fertilizers. Participants will learn how to utilise the assets they receive through the project to improve their production and yields of potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and other staple crops.


Tender launched in Abkhazia for school WASH rehabilitation

Water and sanitation repairs done in previous phase of this project

On the 1st July 2022 a tender was launched for the rehabilitation of five schools in Sukhumi and Ochamchire. Construction companies have until the 15th July 2022 to provide their bid for the rehabilitation and construction works that will be performed under the "Development of WASH Facilities and Services in Schools" project supported by SDC and UNICEF. The project aims to improve access to safe drinking water, sanitation and promote safe hygiene practices in a total of 15 schools in Abkhazia in 2022. As the tender is ongoing the Action Against Hunger engineers are determining the scope of work for the second lot of 5 schools.


Raising awareness on the risks of explosive ordinance 

The Action Against Hunger team in Armenia is currently working on an interactive video for children to raise awareness on the dangers of land-mines and unexploded ordinance. This support is being provided under the ECHO-funded programme “Ensuring access to essential protection services for displaced people from Nagorno-Karabakh in Armenia”.  Its goal is to save lives, promote well-being, and strengthen the resilience of vulnerable displaced and host populations affected by the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh.


Third workshop to be run to train public sector actors under the EPIC programme

Previous workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia
Also in Armenia, public actors will participate in a 5-day "Shuttle" methodology workshop in July. It is the third – and last – of the training sessions for public agencies in Georgia and Armenia that is supported under the framework of the project "Economic and Social Participation of Vulnerable Displaced and Local Population in the South Caucasus (EPIC)" funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. Representative of the United Social Service and of vocational colleges will be trained on the "Shuttle" methodology to promote social and economic inclusion of unemployed people, with a specific focus on youth and women, within their programmes.  The training will be followed up with the piloting of the approach – in both Georgia and Armenia – from September 2022.

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