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  • This is how we work to ensure good nutrition

    1. Malnutrition has a range of different causes. Promoting good nutrition means we need to identify these causes in order to promote the key factors that will guarantee good nutrition.

    • Malnutrition is the outcome of a combination of inadequate and insufficient intake of energy and nutrients and frequent infections

    Proper intake of food

    • Getting the right nutrition from food and avoiding infectious diseases that are not properly treated are the basis of a good diet

    A healthy environment, preventative and free of disease

  • This is how we work to ensure a good diet

    2. You cannot have a sustained impact on malnutrition without dealing with the indirect causes and factors that produce it. Other risk prevention and reduction actions aimed at changing the reality of hunger must also be incorporated.

    • Sustainable access to healthy and nutritious food at all times, with the proper amount for every family member
    • Proper availability of food
    • Ownership/access to land
    • Diversification of livelihoods

    Food security and livelihood

    • Proper breastfeeding
    • Appropriate complementary feeding for infants
    • Development of the connection between parents and children and social, motor and cognitive skills among children
    • Good nutritional, hygiene and health-related practice (which limit the impact of damaging cultural practices)

    Good care practices

    • Physical, social and financial access to preventative services and proper treatment, appropriate healthcare facilities and water
    • Hygienic practice and conditions in the environment

    Healthcare services and a healthy environment

  • This is how we work to ensure good nutrition

    3. Good nutrition is more likely in places with economic growth, where social services are accessible and affordable and where proper investment is made in human resources.

    • The political and economic system that determines the way in which income and assets are distributed
    • An absence of conflict and discrimination
    • Transparent governments, free from corruption

    Political factors

    • Economic growth and sustainable development
    • Predictable and stable food prices
    • Access to goods and productive resources

    Economic factors

    • Environmental protection and recycling of resources
    • Gender equality (including women’s education and protecting minors from marriage)

    Social factors

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