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Access to the job market as a formula for bringing an end to social exclusion

In 2013, we implemented a new key action point based on Employability. Our goal: to facilitate access to the job market for people at risk of social exclusion through:



As a formula for bringing an end to social exclusion


As a formula for bringing an end to social exclusion


Acción social en España



Our aim is to facilitate access to the job market for people at risk of social and occupational exclusion by strengthening access to employment and entrepreneurship programmes from NGOs and other actors that have the aim of fostering the social and occupational inclusion of vulnerable individuals.

The innovative challenge we are facing contributes to strengthening the ecosystem of social and occupational inclusion for vulnerable individuals while also fostering the creation of partnerships with public, private and social organisations, placing the specific knowledge of each entity at the service of vulnerable individuals.



VIVES PROJECT, which carries out its intervention strategy in Spain, is based on three key approaches:

  1. Vives People 
  2. Vives NGO
  3. Vives Ecosystem



Our intervention strategy in Spain brings together the following actions in order to reinforce the Third Sector working on Social Action Issues:

Promote the professionalisation of the sector’s human resources

Advice and mentoring for strengthening programmes that deal with improving employability and entrepreneurship

Facilitate work within a network made up of actors that are all part of the social inclusion ecosystem, in order to share information and create areas of cooperation between the organisations

Promote social transformation by providing solutions to social problems

To achieve these goals, our strategy contributes by undertaking four key activities:

  • Information and awareness: providing communication tools and channels for bringing current and relevant information about social inclusion policies to the ecosystem’s organisations and institutions. This will be carried out mainly through the social networking accounts and websites of Action Against Hunger and Luis Vives Centro de Estudios Sociales.
  • Training: attending to the demand for the training requirements identified by professionals from Social Action organisations working in the field of employment. These include technical skills in the different management fields and transversal skills and techniques related to the progress of programmes for improving employability through access to jobs and entrepreneurship.
  • Technical Advice and Assistance: supporting organisations in improving and strengthening their entrepreneurship and employability programmes by promoting improvements in management systems, techniques and processes and innovative methodologies that help respond to current social and occupational inclusion-related needs.
  • Analysis, research and debate: implementing initiatives for creating and exchanging knowledge about the reality of the social and occupational inclusion ecosystem in Spain. The actions we carry out focus on issues regarding entrepreneurship, the Third Sector, the management of organisations and the fields in which they work (social policy, economic factors, etc.).


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