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Women's Leadership Training in Akhmeta



From the 1st-3rd August 2019, Action Against Hunger and the Kakheti Rural Development Foundation held a three-day training for women from different communities of Akhmeta Municipality. The main topic of the training was leadership skills, but other important issues such as participation and active citizenship, project writing skills and effective communication and presentation skills were introduced and discussed. The training programme alternated between presentations and individual/group exercises.


The training gathered 16 women from the villages of Kistauri, Zemo Alvani, Kvemo Alvani, Matani, Sakobiano, Birkiani, Omalo, Duisi and Akhmeta. The agenda of the training was defined based on the needs and requirements identified by the participants themselves during the first session and the methodology maintained its interactive style throughout the training. The participants found the training very useful especially as it introduced them to the Community Led Local Development process that is a key element of ENPARD-funded project “Promoting inclusive and participatory local development in Akhmeta Municipality”.


This women’s leadership training comes in the initial phase of the ENPARD project at a time when residents of the municipality have been invited to submit their applications to join the Akhmeta Local Action Group. This group will be the key decision-making body in a project that aims to improve the quality of life and economic conditions in Akhmeta Municipality. The deadline for applications is at the end of August 2019.


Rural development has an important role to play in the sustainable development of Georgia and is key to boosting employment and improving the living conditions in rural areas, diversifying the economy and moving them away from an over-reliance on agriculture.


The European Union is supporting agriculture and rural development in Georgia through its ENPARD programme. The support is grounded on the best European practices in the field and involves improving livelihoods of rural communities through creating economic opportunities and promoting local public-private partnerships. Implemented since 2013 the main goal of ENPARD is to reduce rural poverty in Georgia. 




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