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Action Against Hunger Hosts “Shuttle Coach” Training Workshop for Ukrainian coaches



From the 1st - 3rd April, Action Against Hunger South Caucasus hosted a 3 day workshop on the transfer of its Employment & Entrepreneurship “Shuttle” methodology in its Zugdidi office for Ukrainian coaches who will run Shuttles in Tbilisi and Batumi specifically to support Ukrainian women.  This workshop was led by Action Against Hunger South Caucasus Social Inclusion Manager, Lela Maisuradze, together with Programme Manager, Tamuna Naskidashvili and former Shuttle Coach, Ivetta Rodonaia.

Through a series of theoretical and practical exercises, the workshop participants received information and training on the Shuttle methodology and how to facilitate their own Shuttle sessions. The first day of the workshop provided coaches and participants with the opportunity to discuss their goals and expectations for the training and their role as coaches while providing the participants with a greater knowledge of the methodology.

Day two offered a hybrid approach between seminars and practical exercises. Participants applied the learning from the first day to create posters about the application of the Shuttle methodology and participated in simulated individual coaching sessions, designed to improve their coaching style.

“My favorite part of the training has been the practical exercises. This is a new experience for us, and it makes it easy to plan for our sessions with the participants and beneficiaries” said Ana Kvartskhava, future coach for the Tbilisi Shuttle.

On the third and final day of the workshop, the participants heard from guest speaker, Giorgi Skhulukhia, a previous Shuttle participant from 2018, who spoke about how he has benefitted from the professional coaching and support which he received via the methodology. This provided further confidence and motivation to the participants as they witnessed first-hand how the support that they provide has a positive impact on Shuttle participants.

“For Ukrainian refugees, the Shuttle Methodology is very relevant and necessary. I’m sure they will benefit from this programme.” said Olena Belikova, future coach for the Batumi Shuttle. Ana Kvartskhava added that the topics are tailored to the needs of the refugees, and, because of this, the support will be highly relevant to the participants.

Finally, following a session to share reflections on the workshop, the participants were awarded certificates, qualifying them as Shuttle Coaches.

If you are interested in taking part in these upcoming  Shuttles click here  to learn more and apply for the Shuttle in Tbilisi and here for the Shuttle in Batumi (both links are in the Ukrainian language).

This initiative is funded by the European Union  under the project “Empowering civil society to increase gender equality and counter gender-based violence in Georgia”. This is a joint project led by the Center for Information and Counseling on Reproductive Health – Tanadgoma in partnership with Action Against Hunger, the Women’s Initiatives Supporting Groups, the Union of Azerbaijani Women of Georgia and the Georgian National Network of Women with Disabilities.

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