Our principles

Our principles

We are an international non-governmental private organisation that is politically and religiously neutral and non-profit, which was established in 1979 in France to implement interventions worldwide. Our vocation is to fight against hunger, physical suffering and situations of distress that threaten the lives of men, women and children.


In order to conserve its moral and economic independence, Action Against Hunger acts in accordance with its own principles and never in accordance with internal, external or governmental interests.


Action Against Hunger works on the basis of strict political and religious neutrality and impartiality. However, it may on occasions denounce any violations of human rights which it witnesses, as well as any obstacles placed in the way of its humanitarian activities.


In all its actions, Action Against Hunger rejects any discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity, sex, religion, nationality, opinion or social class.


Action Against Hunger’s interventions are based on the demand for free access to victims and direct control of its programmes, ensuring it has the means required to do so. It verifies that resources go directly to the beneficiaries. In no event will the collaborators with whom it works on the ground be the direct beneficiaries of its programmes.


Action Against Hunger bases the conception, execution, management and evaluation of its programmes on the professionalism and experience of its human resources, in order to optimise the efficacy and correct use of its resources.


Action Against Hunger is committed to respecting a policy of transparency and disclosure for its beneficiaries, collaborators and donors by making available information on the allocation management of the funds received and by providing independent verification of its good management