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  • " Ia is a 24 year old participant from Zugdidi Employment Shuttle with a degree in Business Administration. Since the very moment she joined the program, Ia got actively engaged in the dynamics of group sessions and job-searching process.

“The Employment Shuttle program has definitely exceeded my expectations. It gave me the opportunity to discover myself, explore a variety of topics and acquire new skills. I realized that small details make up who you are in the end; that you can constantly work on your personal brand and better present yourself.  The nice environment and fellow participants, as well as the coach, helped me to work on my personal and professional competences that I didn’t pay proper attention to before.”

Today Ia works at one of the largest banks in the country, Bank of Georgia, as a consultant and cites that the job interview simulations along with other related activities carried out within the Employment Shuttle is the reason why she is now employed. 

“Of course, my career goals do not finish here and I will continue working on self-development. I believe that the knowledge and experience gained in the program will have a long-lasting effect on my life and help me conquer new mountains and achieve new goals.”


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" Giorgi, 22, participated in the Employment Shuttle of Gori. From the very beginning he was one of the most active members of the team, making presentations and leading group activities, when the opportunity presented.

He knew very well, that success was depended on himself and was constantly checking vacancies and looking for job opportunities. Soon enough, he found out, that a local NGO Charity Humanitarian Center Abkhazeti (CHCA) was looking for a Community Mobilizer. With the support of the coach, Giorgi reviewed his CV, prepared a cover letter and sent his application. Within a few days he was invited to an interview. The day before, there was a job interview simulation activity in Gori Employment Shuttle, which allowed Giorgi to further prepare and practice beforehand.

In a couple of days, Giorgi received the good news and became an employee at CHCA. He was the first one to find a job at Gori Employment Shuttle. Therefore, his success was very motivating for other participants. They have prepared a poster for Giorgi, were there was a basket full of good wishes and encouraging words and brought it to his workplace. This poster now hangs by Giorgi’s desk.

He still kept participating in some activities within the Employment Shuttle and when the 2nd edition began, he visited the new participants, led a session, shared his experience and boosted the motivation of the new team."


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" Maka from Gori Employment Shuttle has a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, but finding a job has always been an issue for her. Therefore, as soon as she heard about the Employment Shuttle, she decided to apply. Maka was certainly enjoying attending the sessions of the program and she was one of the most proactive participants. Very soon Black Sea Group, a large construction company, contacted the Coach of the shuttle with the vacancy of an interpreter. Maka had some previous short-term work experiences as an interpreter, but still needed support and advice of the coach and her peers prior the interview, which resulted in getting hired.  During the period of unemployment, Maka was feeling down and took a psychotherapy course. Now that she was about to start a job felt rather nervous, however, kept communicating with her coach, who empowered and encouraged  her along the way. "

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