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Provided water tanks for each farmer. © Action Against Hunger 

Ahmad, a 48-year-old married man and father of six from northern Syria, lived a life deeply rooted in agriculture and livestock keeping. However, the tranquility of his hometown was shattered when the security situation escalated due to the crisis, forcing Ahmad and his family to flee to another governorate. They returned when calm was restored, only to find their home looted. Their furniture, possessions, water tanks, and even electricity wires were stolen, leaving them with nothing.

Ahmad. © Action Against Hunger

Starting over was a not an easy task, but Ahmad, determined to provide for his family. He worked tirelessly, yet water scarcity in the village posed a significant obstacle. Clean water, crucial for their livestock, was scarce. The available water sources were contaminated with sewage or were too salty, making the livestock sick and putting the family's financial stability at risk.

"We had two options for clean water: walking for kilometers to collect it or purchasing it at extremely high prices from private water trucking," Ahmad explained. The latter option took a heavy toll on their finances, making it unsustainable in the long run.

“The thought of losing my livestock was a real nightmare, as it is my main source of income,” said Ahmad.

Action Against Hunger, funded by the European Union, provided Ahmad and 49 other livestock keepers with rainwater harvesting units. Each unit consisted of three 2,000-litre water tanks per household, collecting rainwater to provide clean water for their livestock.

Ahmad's livestock drinking from the water provided by the rainwater harvesting units. © Action Against Hunger

"This project changed everything. Now, we simply open the tap, and our livestock have all the water they need." Said Ahmad with a wide smile.

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